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Member Expectation Statement

1. Support SouthCoast Serves’ mission, vision and goals while knowing its strengths and needs.

2. Enhance the partnership’s public standing and brand identity.

3. Represent the Partnership to other entities and the public.

4. Serve as a liaison between SouthCoast Serves and your organization.

5. Suggest possible members who are like minded.

6. Serve actively on one committee.

7. Attend activities and events whenever possible.

8. Actively participate in SouthCoast affairs and help it’s determine strategic direction.

9. Make a good faith effort to attend all meetings and committees you serve on.

10. Prepare for and participate in meetings, including appropriate organizational activities.

11. Suggest agenda items periodically for meetings to ensure that significant matters are addressed.

12. Serve as a whole (holistic approach) rather than any special interest group or constituency.

*By submitting this webform I agree to the statements above regarding SouthCoast Serves membership.

Describe any ongoing volunteer opportunities that you would like to post. (Please make sure you've posted your opportunities on Volunteer Solutions, as this is where we will direct prospective volunteers from the SCS website!

2-4 brief testimonials from current/former volunteers. They could include a quote about why they chose to serve/volunteer, how it has affected their lives, or what their experience was like. If you have a photo of the person giving the testimonial, that would be helpful!

In addition to local pictures and testimonials, member info, and a community calendar, what other features or information would you like to see on the SCS website?